Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedding @ St. Anne Hall BM

We would once again thank our Clients from past to present including those that have booked us for the future celebrations.
You guys made it possible for us to expand & do better each time thru your support & sharing.

This wedding is pretty much a complete set up of Decorations & Entertainment.

Everything you see here, the chair covers, backdrop, balloons, lightings, sound system, live band etc are provided by TrinityEvents.

Matching Showplates, new design of Main table with elaborating Organza Chair covers.
Full Length Gold table cloth, napkins, napkin holders, fresh flowers centerpiece.

These Beautiful Pens are handmade by the Bride Herself! nice rite?
We like them alot.
This detail touch up by the bride has made our reception table look even better!
Thanks Eleen! :)

All guests' tables & chairs are covered with Matching Fabrics for a much complete look, don't you agree they look so much more better this way??? :)

Backdrop were used to cover the reception area, hides away the glass wall and serves as a photo corner!!!

All the agendas went on smoothly and YES!!!
Big thank you to the Coordinators of TrinityEvents once again!
That's ME (Jason) with Vivian & Yus entertaining on a very HOT stage thru the evening! hahaha.
And the yum seng session comes with these Pyrotechnics "firework" effect that certainly lift the mood up to another level before we continue on stage performing more numbers till the end of the dinner celebration!
Thank you Jex! and of course Eleen for your time to arrange all these with us!

Best Wishes!

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